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 Welcome to DXBe Management & Strategy     =============================================            

@ Digitally you have already found the way to us...                                                                                                                                                               DEUTSCH



DXBe is a Global Management-, M&A- and Strategy Consulting company, founded in 2007 and based in Hamburg/Buxtehude (Germany). Learn more About us.

The Founder & CEO of DXBe Management Wulf C. Schlachter LinkedIn Profil von Wulf Schlachter anzeigenstated in 2007:

"Digital Technologies will dominate the CxOs technology priorities for the next 15 years, especially in eCommerce and other Digital Channels like Cloud Computing & Big Data, Collaboration Services and Business Analytics".

Almost 7 years later - "The vision became true and Digitalization is no longer a temporary hype-only phenomenon".

Our Consultants are based all over the world (with Offices in Buenos Aires, Hongkong, Los Angeles, New York, Qatar, Vienna, Zurich, Madrid and several more locations in Germany to pick up the latest trends in Leading Technologies, transform into digital business models or even optimize them - or even being closer to our customers.

We are not just offering Consultancy which is only a small part of our End-2-End job, please feel free to take a look at our global business portfolio.


Watch our latest DXBe News from April/May/June 2014:

DXBe has joined the following EXPO & EVENTS 

CEBIT, Hannover

CES, Las Vegas

Adobe Digital Summit

ITB, Berlin

Vodafone, M2M Day, Dusseldorf

World of Cloud, Frankfurt

BoB, Berlin

Gartner, London Customer & Technology Summit 2014

and further personell events from customer side...

Not only talking about IT-Security...

"A practical guide for all business travellers..."

Hamburg, (May 2014)

Today we are talking about security of data, networks and communications, but what does it mean for you as a business traveller concrete. How can you avoid risks of spying, hacking, loss of data?

Most companies take care in safeguarding their intellectual assets such as data company, strategic business plans, etc. in-house.

Yet, these safety precautions cannot always upheld during travelling.

Travellers may be uncertain about how to protect sensitive data or are not aware of the risks involved when using electronic equipment such as laptops, tablets, smartphones while on the road.

This small guide should present you some clear and simple pieces of advice that can minimize risks related to the loss, seizure or theft of corporate data.


Before going on a trip, it is advised to get acquainted with the political, economical, social and cultural situation of the destination as travellers may be exposed to substantial risks abroad and thus precautionary measures may be necessary.


As far as possible, always keep credit cards, passport and other forms of identification in separate places while travelling. It is best to keep the passport on yourself at all times. Also use copies and place them in separate locations.


It is recommended to use a designated "travel laptop" that only contains data and software required for the trip and with the minimal required configuration only. It is important to regularly backup all data and delete the internet navigation history including cookies, pictures and videos. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to use strong passwords that contains a minimum of 8 characters, using letters, numbers and special characters.


It is highly recommended to keep all electronic documents on a encrypted USB stick which should always be kept on yourself. A second stick can be used for the sole of purpose of presentations and documents exchanges to avoid loss or theft of critical documents.


It is recommended not to announce business trips on social and business networks, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


It is imprudent to leave laptops, smartphones or documents unattended, It is recommended to use anti-theft cable locks to secure devices, especially when attending trade fairs.


Caution is advised when exchanging data via USB, CD, DVD or other data carriers as they may contain viruses, spay ware or other mailcious software. Particular care is advised with data carriers received as gifts.


Caution is advised when transmitting data with sensitive information during the trip. Secure means of communications, secure networks should be used and/or all messages should be encrypted as they may be intercepted. Also, depending on the destination, it is recommended to refrain from discussing controversial or sensitive political or religious topics.


Confidential conversations in hotels, on flights, conference rooms and taxis should be avoided. Equipement with sensitive data should not be left in hotel safes.

DXBe follows an extreme value-creation strategy with an offer that assumes complete Management of the client's needs, from the design of the solution, through its development and implementation, to the Management of its operation.

Please feel free to Contact us: info[at] 

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